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Planet Transits

Planet transits are the angular relationships between the position of a planet at birth and the position of a planet in the future.


Someone born on the 21st March would have the Sun at 1 degrees Aries. As the planets continue their path around the zodiac (for the birth chart is only a snapshot taken at birth) at some point they will form angles to the first degree of Aries, so if Mars this week was sitting at 1 degree Aries that person would have a transit called Mars conjunct Sun. Mars is a fire planet known for creating challenges and increasing drive, physical energy and the potential for accidents, arguments or confrontations. This would form the basis of the interpretation for that person which would read something like “today you may feel fired up and dash about like a loony so this is a good day to try to pace yourself and think twice before rushing into situations. You may have arguments or get involved in physical confrontation etc etc.”

When using astrology as a guide to your life it is down to you to work with the planets, not fall victim to them. In the above example – Mars in conjunction with the Sun – you will inevitably have some sort of challenge happen but it doesn’t have to viewed as an impending problem. When Mars is adding extra fire to your day its wise to pursue activities where that energy can be harnessed and directed into positive outcomes. While you may encounter confrontation the nature of the aspect also makes you feel more up for the job, that is you feel more courageous and ready to face that challenge. It would be a good day to work out in the gym for example and most people would notice when they do that activity that they have more stamina and energy so would actually enjoy the hard work more than normal. However it wouldn’t be advisable to take on the challenge of mountaineering because there’s always the risk of accident if you push your chances to far.

There is only one real way to gain a deeper understanding of how transits affect your life and that is to keep some sort of dairy of events. If you could look back at all the days in your life when Mars passed over your natal Sun you would start to see a pattern of how the fiery nature of Mars affects you personally; it will follow the basics of a Mars interpretation but it will be YOUR version of it and that would be coloured by the other features present in your birth chart. Someone who is born as Mars is just about to rise of the horizon (Mars conjunct the Ascendant) tend to encounter more violence than those with Mars in a less prominent position. On their Mars conjunct Sun days (an aspect that happens onece every two years) the interpretation of what may happen that day would have to include the added risk of getting into a physical fight or being hurt in an accident so a good astrologer would advise to avoid dangerous situations much more than they would to someone with are less active natal Mars position.

I personally have Mars in Cancer in the fifth house, a position associated with physical creativity in the home such as DIY, whenever Mars aspects Jupiter in my birth chart I inevitably find myself doing DIY jobs around the home whether I was aware of the aspect or not, but always enjoy doing it on those days as the passion for DIY is expanded by the optimistic nature of Jupiter. Other times, when this aspect is not being triggered I find DIY rather boring. I now try to combine DIY work with Mars/Jupiter connections for no other reason than I know I’ll enjoy the work on the day, even though the firey nature of Mars on those days tends to lead to more bruised thumbs and a fair share of cut fingers! So I aways keep this mind and to date still have a full set of digits on both hands. :)

As you become more aware of transits coming in its important not to anticipate negative outcomes; you will not be in the same frame of mind today as you will be when the transit arrives. Different days for different ways.