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Planet Aspects

planetary aspects  are the angles formed between  planets at the time of your birth.  Only certain angles are taken into consideration and are based on universal harmonics that create a ‘resonance’ between the two planets concerned.

For example if you were born when the sun was 180 degrees to the moon (a full moon) this would be called an opposition, ie. the two planets are opposite each other.

Some aspects are considered hard aspects (square – 90 degrees, opposition 180 degrees) others passive or beneficial (trine – 120 degrees and sextile 60 degrees).

There are other more complex aspects such as the inconjunct (also known as quincunx) where two planets are 150 degrees apart which always results in the two planets having nothing in common to each other by the sign position they are in. For example when the sun is in Aries and mars in in Scorpio. Aries is a cardinal fire sign, Scorpio is a fixed water sign; Fire and water do not mix and cardinal signs are active while fixed signs are, well.. fixed.
Planet aspects are angles between the planetary positions at your birth and not to be confused with planetary transits which are angle formed between the position of a planet when you were born and the position of planets in the future.  Aspects formed between planets at birth colour your personality and character, planetary aspects formed by transit planets affect the time of your life when they happen and are used to form predictions of how you life may be at any given moment.

As a brief guide..

Square aspects (90 degrees) are considered to create obstacles that need resolving but can lead to greater things once resolved.

Opposition aspects (180 degrees) create issues between opposite forces so feature strongly in issues of relationships, both personal relationships and relationships between your ideas and perceptions and events and issues in the outside world that ‘oppose’ those ideas and perceptions.

Trines and sextiles (120 and 60 degrees) create an easy flow of energy between the two planets concerned. Tend to create positive character traits and ease of understanding but can be influenced by the positive/negative aspects of the planets forming the aspect.

To make matter more complicated when interpreting aspects you have to take into consideration the nature of the planets involved. Some planets are considered to be positive and beneficial and represent the things in life that appeal to us, others are considered to be negative or malign. Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are the more difficult planets while Sun, Venus and Jupiter are deemed positive planets.

A square aspect between Venus and Jupiter are often indicative of a friendly exuberant personality with much financial luck and success often coming to those who were born under such aspects. The obstacles such person may face would represent the ‘over the top’ nature of Jupiter combined with the desire for an easy life, or  lazy disposition so often associated with  of Venus. So a Venus/Jupiter person, i.e. someone born when these two planets were 90 degrees to each other in the zodiac may well experience a life of financial success with wealth coming easy but may end up fat and lazy and suffer the consequences of extravagance.  So its not that straightforward when it comes to interpreting the planetary aspects a person is born under. All factors have to be taken into consideration and no individual aspect should be interpreted alone; a birth chart represents the whole of a persons life, their destiny and their characteristics.  In this example a well placed Saturn would add discipline and determination would be beneficial as it would balance  the effects of Jupiter and Venus.