Astrology forecasts, birth charts and animated interpretation.

Planets in Signs

Everyone is born with a birthchart, a map of the stars at the moment of birth. Each planet is in a different constellation, so although you mabe a sun in Cancer, you would also have a moon, venus, mercury, mars and jupiter in a different sign, that’s why we’re all different.

The sign that the  sun is in,  “sun sign” is how you express yourself.

The sign that the moon is in  “moon sign” is how you deal with emotions, family and home.

The sign that mercury is in, “mercury sign” will be the way in which you communicate.

The sign that venus is in, venus sign will determined how you deal with relasionships and finance.

The sign that Mars is in mars sign signifies you drive, work, sex and temper.

The sign that Jupiter is in Jupiter sign will influence your ability to learn and enjoy yourself.

Saturn is the hardworker and this sign  Saturn sign will convern your habits, restrictions and status.