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Saturn trine/sextile Uranus

You’re often tempted to change the pattern of your working life from one of structure and discipline to one of adventure and abandon. You secretly long to throw it all overboard and say to hell with all this dull normality. Not only do you have the desire to be different, you also have the potential.

Trines are the strongest of the positive aspects in a birthchart, they link planets harmoniously and offer opportunity to bring about changes which usually flow easily. Saturn relates to structure and responsibility where Uranus relates to the breaking away from it. These planets are quite opposite by nature; Saturn the past – Uranus the future; old and new; conformity and rebelion; caution and sponteneity. The positivity of having these two quite different energies aspected in a harmonious way to each other allows you the opportunity to be able to break free from outdated attitudes and to freely move on to new ideals as and when required.You can always free yourself from the existing patterns of your life knowing that the immediate future will provide for you if it’s what you really want. The only restriction comes when your fear of change holds you back.

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