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Sun in Aquarius

Sun In Aquarius

You’re the great humanitarian, the dispenser of love and knowledge. You give the wealth of your heart and mind away freely to all and sundry, sometimes for little reward, sometimes for none at all. But the pleasure remains yours; having imparted your gems, you feel you have indeed provided a service. You have done what you do best – communicated the gifts of your spirit for the benefit of society at large. You are, after all, the Water Bearer.

Because you’re a mind person, you’re often accused of being detached and disinterested in matters more emotional and intimate. Not so. It’s just that, well… it’s just that you’re so intelligent, always thinking and using that fabulous brain of yours! And, anyway, intelligent thought fosters intelligent feeling.

As already suggested, your schemes are devised for everyone. In fact, it’s a real concern of yours that society moves ever more forward; that it doesn’t stagnate or regress but evolves from one milestone to another. That is why you often champion ideas and organizations which others might dismiss as merely institutionalized. You view institutions not just as impersonal labyrinths serving only those who ‘belong’, but as potential beacons for the masses, allowing their light to filter from the top down, until all the world is lit.

Your powerful sense of individuality and independence can cause you to appear rebellious and eccentric. You have this inner need to be different that at times can cause you to simply take the opposite view to everything that is presented to you. Aquarians are renowned for being very individual. The truth of the matter is that they have to realise that they are, and inĀ  fact that everyone is in their own right. When an Aquarianrealises this totally they stop trying to prove it to everybody and get on with the more humanitarian issues of the world that they were born to focus on.

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