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Unaspected Saturn

You know as well as anyone else just what constitutes your Achilles heel: it is your lack of structure and discipline in the working field. Hence, material rewards have so far eluded you, and you look for all the world as if you are going to complete your journey through life without any outward show of achievement. Inner achievements are all very well and noble, but the world does not understand them. For better or worse, society measures its members by symbols of status and wealth, and these, because they seem to linger on
some far horizon, seem unattainable to you. So. . how to acquire such goodies, (assuming, of course, that you want to!) The first step is to acknowledge that you actually do want them, not for the sake of competing with others, but for your own material well-being. As Aristotle said, physical comforts are necessary for they allow the philosopher to practice his art without struggle! The second step is to select your strongest points – your talents – and to devise a method of using them as a means of income. It is not as hard as you think; others have done far less in order to achieve the same ends.

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