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Jupiter trine/sextile Pluto

You work well with the religious experience and, indeed, are very much in favour of the whole business of spiritual quest being propagated for the good of mankind. You wouldn’t see it as any bad thing if society were to encourage a more committed involvement with the more searching, interior,life.

Everyone explores the meaning of life from time to time and everyone forms an opinion, idea or concept of what it is all about. These vary from deep insight and understanding to just simply hazarding a guess. With you it’s a little more complex than that. When you ponder the mysteries you can tap into the source, the ultimate truths which govern the universe: Some call this the akashic records, a kind of libary where all the answers and all the thinking of man’s higher mind is stored. You can access this to varying degrees. Sometimes your opinion and thoughts have an element of knowing about them; hard to put into words or even images, just a knowing in your bones. This gives you great insight into life even if you can’t find a single word or description which can do it justice. Trying to communicate this sort of stuff can be frustrating, the earthly plane is confined by language; the spiritual level is deeply personal in it’s final conclusion. You can rest in the knowledge that your deepest feelings and understandings are closer to the truth than most people’s. You’re search for the truth will grow as you mature with age… it will also take you further into the non-communicable… In Buddhism, Guatama’s final answer was ‘a thundering silence of the complete knowing’…

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