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Unaspected Mars

Either you are over-committed, or not committed at all. That is, on the one hand you might have many strongly-held convictions; on the other hand, you might have none! You waver between passionately pursuing an abundance of causes, and not being motivated by any of them. This is a very strange state of affairs indeed! Now, why should this be? At the root of it is that, on an instinctive level, you are open to almost anything that might arouse your passions and sympathies; but, by being so open, you can fail to be touched by any of them, as they can all fall short of what you consider to be the essential convincing ingredient. Thus, you can end up being either indifferent to your inner life, or swamped by it. Most people have a level of passion for life which hums at a steady pitch; they achieve and fulfill their desires relative to this level. With you it’s more like an on off switch and sometimes like a dimmer switch. What fires you up this week can seem almost boring a matter of days later.

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