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Moon Square Mercury

Your emotional faculties are often at odds with your intellectual life, often making you sit down and scratch your head about just exactly what is going on inside. Feeling and thinking don’t always mix harmoniously in any case – it’s often better policy to leave each go their separate and mutually independent ways.

This aspect gives you a curiosity about the motives of other people. You like to find out what makes them tick on the inside while observing them from the outside. The downside of this is that your natural curiosity can sometimes appear as nosiness to those whom you observe.

The Moon relates to the family and domestic issues of your life. Mercury, on the other hand focuses on relationships with brothers, sisters, relatives and neighbours. When these two planets, which form a hard aspect in your birth chart, are triggered of by the transits of the outer planets, conflicts may arise with these people. See it as a sort of karmic lesson in life to understand and find peace with those people. Remember, communication with others comes through the intellect where as the motive lies deep in the emotions… Any conflict you have with siblings or neighbours can be resolved easier if what what comes out of your mouth is a true reflection of what you really feel inside…

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