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Moon Square Jupiter

Responding to situations often causes you a dilemma; you are either a volcano of emotional expression or you are struggling for that one word that shows your reaction. It is all down to your sense of inner confidence. When you are comfortable and at ease with your surroundings it is incredibly easy for you to express what you feel, sometimes to the point of going over the top! However, when those nagging insecurities begin to manifest, everything begins to whirl around inside your head but not much comes out. To others you may appear like two different people, but from your own point of view it is only your level of confidence that changes you.

Emotionally, you find it difficult sometimes to let those more positive and beneficial feelings keep the upper hand. Indeed, you can often wander into vales of depression a little too easily at times. This is likely to be due to you feeling yourself oppressed and burdened by the weight of emotional responsibility. But, just like anyone else, you have an equal capacity for rising phoenix-like from the ashes and building yourself a brand new world.

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