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Moon trine/sextile Jupiter

The content of your emotional make-up is fundamentally harmonious. The Moon in your chart represents your inner emotional self while Jupiter is the planet of optimism and expansiveness. The positive aspect (120 degrees) is the most positive of all planetary connections. You find it more easy than most to maintain a level of good feeling in your dealings with people on a mundane or intimate level. You have much to give which is rich and fruitful and you respond positively and quickly to those same qualities in others. No matter how traumatic life may be you always have that inner feeling that nothing is quite that dreadful. A kind of emotional buoyancy which always keeps you afloat, emotionally speaking.

You have a religious feel which needs watering frequently, whether or not you’re involved in organised religion; a kind of spiritual yearning which will be pursued avidly at some point in life when this particular part of your birth chart is triggered off…

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