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Moon Conjunction Pluto

Your emotions sometimes leave you feeling as if you exist in a void, with everybody else having the enjoyment you crave. This impression doesn’t always last for long, but it’s real enough while it’s there all the same. It’s like a tinge of apprehension, really – a fear of the future, perhaps. But you accept it well and use it for what it can offer: it can direct you to the right path.

The Moon represents your emotional reaction to life; how you feel on the inside regardless of what’s on show on the outside. In your case Pluto adds intensity and depth to your personal and emotional centre of being. What this means is that sometimes your reaction to what is happening around you is far more intense than it is to most people. Obviously with such intensity going on under the surface some people have difficulty really fathoming you out. Because of your increased awareness on the under currents of life you’re more inclined to keep personal stuff very much to yourself, even you can’t always work out just exactly what it is that bubbles under the surface, though you do tend to attract similar types into your life…

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