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Moon in Sagittarius

On an emotional level, you are a blend of loyalty and independence. At times, you’re up and down like a yo-yo. Well, you’re allowed to be. Think of your lighter moments as the comic relief in an otherwise serious play: the plot -your emotional lifeĀ  will become overloaded if tone isn’t lightened every once in a while.

In the loyalty stakes you can’t be beaten, often having the vision to stand by those in whom others have no faith at all, convinced they will come good in the end. You’re extremely excitable, often flaring up to defend your allies, or to defend your own integrity. In the heat of the moment your emotions boil over, and you often express yourself with greatly exaggerated gestures, making sudden and alarming movements which scare the pants off your opposition. Well, there’s no smoke without fire, after all!

You are, indeed, what is called hot-blooded. Being an incurable romantic, you long for adventure and, in your more private moments, dream of yourself and your partner confronting excitements and perils in far-off lands – which, of course you both survive, thanks to your bravery and valour!

Emotions, or instincts, are in essence simplistic feelings which aquire complexity only with the admixture of psychology. Moon in Sagittarius produces emotional complexity, therefore, on two counts. Firstly, because Sagittarius itself is a naturally psychological sign and, secondly, because, as a sign, it spans a broad expanse of human activity, perhaps too broad for easily accommodating simple emotion. Feelings will thus sit uncomfortably within this combination- unless, that is, they are fashioned into a Sagittarian arrow and released with sufficient precision to strike a target. It is incumbent upon this Moon Sign to find an emotional direction, for without it the rich texture of feeling is aimless and lacking constructive purpose.

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