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Unaspected Moon

Various insecurities make you seek out the company of others for just long enough to re-charge your batteries before you’re off again. Often, you adopt fashionable causes, putting as much of yourself into them as possible, as this bolsters your self-esteem by making you feel involved. You have a nagging feeling that you’re missing out on something unless you’re in the midsto f an emotional upheaval, and will even go so far as to fabricate one in order to ‘normalize’ things. In other words, you are seeking a reflection for your personality in order to find a way of expressing the latter. Well, that’s nothing new, we all do that; but, really, you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself! You’ve got no more or less emotional complexities than the next person, and you don’t have to reassure yourself you’re alive by manufacturing crises. Everybody has those feelings of self-doubt that you do;everybody who is anybody undergoes a crisis of faith occasionally. All good things come to those who wait; let things unfold at their own pace.

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