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Moon in Capricorn

You’re a very sensitive creature, really; your feelings are easily hurt. When this happens, your usual reaction is to
withdraw entirely and kid yourself you haven’t got any feelings anyway, and that you weren’t really hurt in the first place. It was just a difference of opinion, you reckon. Well, you’re wrong – and you know it. There isn’t a person alive who doesn’t have real flesh and blood feelings and emotions. However, as your sensitivity is so developed, you do need particular encouragement in your emotional life in order to express yourself with confidence. Otherwise, if you tried and were rebuffed, your sense of rejection would be overwhelming.

The person whom you choose for a partner will be rewarded with your unflagging loyalty and devotion. Your special emotional gifts are not easily found in others – so make the most of them.

In the Lunar cycle the Moon itself is furthest away from its ‘home’ sign- Cancer- when it is in the sign of Capricorn. Accordingly, this Moon Sign can suffer the loneliness of exile, creating an emotional landscape in which it might feel unwanted, rejected. In some cases, this can produce resentment, leading to a campaign of hostility being directed toward the source of contention. However, Moon in Capricorn’s tendency to habituate an emotional peninsula also suggests that its approach, because isolated, can be highly individualistic, and its feelings especially sensitive and finely-tuned. An innate understanding of pain can bring much compassion to Moon in Capricorn: you might actively seek to alleviate suffering in others.

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