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Sun in Pisces

Sun In Pisces

You’re a bit of an owl and a pussycat. Two incongruous but mutually compatible travellers. You’re like that. You attach yourself to all kinds of weird and wonderful people, as if you collected oddity for its own sake. And, what’s more, these people attach themselves to you with equal facility. It’s almost a talent of yours, this picking up of strangers along the path of life.

Being a water sign, you probably have a pasion for the sea. Where else would you go, but somewhere away from it all, where you had complete freedom of movement, and where you wouldn’t run into the nearest obstacle every time you turned around? The sea’s a metaphor for all these things and, what’s more, for the freewheeling, wandering approach you have towards life’s fascinating journey.

You want plenty of money. But, in many ways, you’re different to the normal acquisitive masses. You want money, but you’re almost indifferent to its value. It becomes a blurred issue for you, this thing of wealth. It buys things but, in the end, it’s meaningless: it’s just so much wrapping paper, after all.

Another side to your character tends to manifest when you take a break or go on holiday. You don’t realise sometimes just how much the hustle and bustle of daily life can affect you internally.

Your mind adapts easily to your routines no matter how hectic they may become. After a certain time “away from it all”, a more laid-back, easy going and often more caring side to your nature begins to surface as the restlessness gently eases away. Because of this it is important that you have plenty of rest and that at least once a day you take ten minutes out to just sit and relax. You are psychically sensitive to the energy that emanates from others; this can drain you if you mix with negative people too much. Taking a shower can be one of the most therapeutical
things a Piscean can do to keep their vital energy levels balanced.

Your astrological symbol is two fishes swimming in opposite direction. The imagination is one fish, you’re the other. You’ll often promise things then not follow them through; one fish makes the promise the other wriggles out of the commitment. Dealing with you can be like trying to hold two wet fishes in one hand. Pisces is the sign of deception. This doesn’t mean every pisces is a liar or a cheat. You are good at pretending something isn’t there, or avoiding an issue if you are not in the mood. You can let someone down, and if they fail to mention it afterwards, think that you’ve got away with it. Piscians have to learn to follow through their promises or not make them in the first place.

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