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Sun Conjunction Mars

You could probably scale Mt. Everest before breakfast! Physical prowess and endurance come naturally to you. So does direct action. In a crisis, you will act impulsively and without regard for your own safety or the consequences of facing danger. Being very much in tune with your instinctive feelings, you’re passionate and persuasive – you act asou feel, which is usually pretty hot!

With others you pull no punches and your not one to be easily thwarted. But, though your quick to flare up, you are not usually one to bear a grudge. You have great capacity for hard work and you set your sights on solidchievements, also on the honour that goes with it. You may take an interest in sport, especially the morephysical, exertive types, and have a fondness for high-risk sports.

You know where you stand in life and are not afraid to make your position clear. Others may become apprehensive of you, as you seldom mince your words. At times you can be more forceful than you realize, and unintentionally cause disputes and disagreements with others. So restraint is advisable as there is a tendency to act before you think.

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