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Sun Opposition Mars

Even if you’re placid and calm – which, in fact, you’re not! – you still manage to attract the kind of person who ends up wrecking the front room in the process of saying goodnight. In other words, you’ve met some pretty heavy people in your time. You yourself succeed in keeping your emotional violence hidden for most of the time but, at increasingly frequent intervals, you find yourself blowing steam out the top of your head!

Your capacity for hard work can amaze others at times though even you have a tendency to take on more than you can handle occasionally. Your concious behaviour may often be at odds with your ambitions and desires, and at times can lead to recklessness. Your concious mind simply can’t keep up with your physical body once it becomes charged with ambition. It is for exactly this reason that this aspect crops up many times in the charts of people who are accident prone.

Once every two years the planet Mars will be opposite it’s natal position and conjunct your natal Sun and it is around these times that tensions will build up, making you very accident prone. By obtaining a list of astrological times when this aspect becomes active, you will be more able to dissipate the energies that so often accumulate and result in minor accidents.

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