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Moon in Aquarius

A good social life is the key to your emotional balance. Without it, you have a sense of drying up, of not letting your rivers of feeling flow. Party conversation and the free trade of ideas are as much an emotional fill-up to you as quiet evenings in with your loved one. Not everyone understands this. It doesn’t matter, go ahead anyway; you’re not hurting anyone just by talking!

Others sometimes consider you to be emotionally detached and undemonstrative. You have a reputation of remaining uncommitted and stand-offish. Cautious you might be – because your actions depend on prior observation before making your move – but uncommitted never. Indeed, once you attach yourself to someone,
that person becomes for you a cause c‚lŠbre. Then let other people scoff, for then they’ll be doing so through envy!

People with the Sun in Aquarius have a fascination with the unexpected: when it’s the Moon in Aquarius there tends to be a fear of it. In your case it is a subtle blend of the two. This may cause you to create routines in certain areas of your life where you fear change; at the same time leaving other areas wide open for change. This is an almost subconscious attitude to your life and one that can only be completely understood through careful self-analysis.

Aquarius is an Air- intellectual- sign. The incorporation of the subconscious Lunar element into the rational realm of Mind has- like anything else- its positive and negative aspects. The former can suggest that emotional issues are perhaps better understood when subjected to intellectual scrutiny; the latter might imply that an imposition of intellect on instinct is a contradiction in terms. Nevertheless, the mental face of Moon in Aquarius produces a predilection for communicative social activity, through which the emotional life is stimulated by an exchange of ideas. The tendency of Aquarius to view society collectively, though, can make this Moon Sign at times fail to perceive in different emotional experiences their intrinsic uniqueness.

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