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Sun Conjunction Jupiter

Your nature contains all that is best about being human. Granted, we all have this potential, but it’s these extra philanthropic qualities which actually rule your outlook and make you the warm, rich person you are. Of course, too much of a good thing can become top heavy at times and even you have your off days. Then you become depressive and burdened and wonder if it’s all worth it after all. Well, it is – so worry less and get on with what you do best!

You can become a real achiever in life. You run on pure optimism at times and have enough self – confidence to make it to the top of any profession. Financial and material comfort will almost certainly come to you throughout your life.

As you get older your desires for growth will slowly start to shift. The emphasis on material wealth will diminish as a deeper yearning for a more spiritual attitude to life slowly develops. You will almost certainly travel widely at some point in your life, both mentally and physically.

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