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Sun Opposition Jupiter

You’ve got a heart as big as a house, and enthusiasm to match! You’re always the first to accept a party invitation, and then you’re the last to leave. Indeed, you’re what might be termed a ‘bon viveur’ – someone with a zest for life. Well… having an abundance of expansive feeling can also be put to more lasting, constructive use. Just imagine what riches you could gain from harnessing your uplifting optimism to your intuitive faculty. Surely this is the first ingredient of greatness! But…….one thing you need to understand is the difference between truly amazing ideals that can be put to good use, and blind optimism that can make the most impossible of ideas seem quite feasible! At times it is hard for you to admit that something cannot be done, for when your jovial energies are flowing you fail to see, or even accept, any of the less desirable traits of your character exist! Your right of course… but when the initial excitement of your ideas or endeavours begins to wane, many previously over-looked problems can suddenly come to light. If you can learn to spot these problems at the start, well… the sky is your limit!

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