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Sun Square Jupiter

You’re exceptionally aware of all the grand feelings and emotions, the drama of being human. Sometimes, however, you have difficulty in confronting these issues head on and then they begin to overwhelm you. For example, you have a feeling for religion but, if you haven’t come to terms with this, religion for you will instead be reduced to the level of superstition. Indeed, black cats and lucky charms may haunt you wherever you go but, deep down, your capacity for understanding spirituality is enormous.

The Sun represents your attitude and approach to life through your developing characteristics. The planet Jupiter expands on everything it touches in the chart. This aspect can lead to exaggeration or a ‘bending’ of the truth. This is fine for making an average acount of life into a wonderful tale, but can very easily reach the borders of what is real and what is fantasy if not kept in check. If you do not really relate to this then ask your friends!

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