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Sun Conjunction Saturn

You have such strong feelings of self awareness and vulnerability which if not kept in check can make you very essimistic at times. you tend to adopt an attitude of caution, of wanting to bet on certainties, and of expecting the worst. This makes you feel like you are functioning very efficiently as you always allow for almost anything that could go wrong. This can make you very self-disciplined and hard on yourself. You are capable of working long hours and are able to carry a considerable weight of responsibility.

However if you refuse to look on the bright side of life now and then, you wont encourage much positive action from others. You need to see yourself as others see you, for you do tend to hide behind an impenetrable mask where you feel safe from all the uncertainty of life. The trouble is that all the anxieties are still there. The insecurities that plague you at times are very often a product of your imagination, life just isn’t as harsh as you tend to see it.

Your ability to put structure to things can make you very efficient in your work or career but does it have to be applied to every aspect of your thinking? You really should try to avoid being too stiff and unbending and learn to let go of existing structures and patterns, and just occasionally try something new and exciting. After all the fear of anger is always worse than the actual danger.

You work well within a sphere of planning and order and feel the need to impose these qualities on almost all your ersonal and professional activities. That’s fine in theory, but you do run the danger of perhaps trying to regiment feelings which should really be better off running their unrestricted course . In other words, if you’re in love, be loving; if you’re doing the accounts, be exacting; if you’re fired up, be passionate.

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