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Sun Opposition Saturn

There is often conflict between your ego and your self confidence. When you feel your confidence waning your ego tries to compensate, or rather over-compensate. You’ll often talk with a great air of conviction laying down the law about this or that. Yet inwardly you almost find it impossible to believe that anyone would be taking you completely serious. You may be over-critical and cynical at times and people may resent you for it. You need to remember that others only see the image that you portray to them and not the sensitive and vulnerable person you sometimes are.
But isn’t that the side of your character that you try to hide from people by instinctively lashing out at them, in both a negative and positive way, for fear that someone will get too close? The trouble is this only leaves you withdrawn and isolated while others go their merry way carrying their negative image of you. Everybody has a sensitive side to their nature but it is from this level that people really communicate, it is where true friendship has it’s foundation. if stop fearing your own insecurities so much you just might start liking yourself, allowing others to follow suit.

Will you make order out of chaos, or chaos out of order? If you apply the gentle touch it might not be enough; if you try too hard, down will come cradle, baby and all. Structure and organization are naturally sought after by any intelligent person – what matters, though, is the degree to which you graft these qualities on to behaviour patterns which need to be allowed to flow ‘au natural’. The struggle between inhibition and freedom in your own life is strong and, when the former is dominant, you might find that, say, your psychic faculty is correspondingly active, for that which is repressed will scream until it is heard.

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