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Moon in Pisces

Moon in Pisces

You great big marshmallow, you! If there ever was a softie, it’s definitely yours truly. Sympathy you have in abundance, and you’re constantly torn between this person or cause and that, as you liberally dispense your feelings. Your emotional source sure isn’t the local reservoir – it’s nothing less than the Amazon River!

Still, because you have so much going on emotionally, it can be exhausting even for you to have continual demands made on such a fragile commodity. Therefore, you might find yourself side-stepping people in order to deflect those demands. Practicably, they’ll accuse you of being elusive, even devious; but how can you say to them that the personal cost to you for showing them sympathy is just too great at times? At least, how can you say that in anguage that’s readily understood? Well, it doesn’t matter in the end. You’re rich enough emotionally not to let the ccasional detractor damage your personal integrity.

The shifting, fluctuating nature of Pisces can give this Moon Sign a certain elusiveness. Pisces itself is often unaware of the undercurrents moving through its own make-up; thus, Moon in Pisces is, so to speak, composed of of an unconscious sign combining with the subconcious Lunar element. Though the watery triplicity is the natural agent for the Moon, it does not necessarily follow that free-flowing emotion should be permitted to go unchecked, until it eventually breaks its banks. Moon in Pisces has a tendency to do just this, often resulting in a flood of self-perpetuating emotional chaos. Nevertheless, there exists here anabundant compliment of feelingfulness,
which has the ability to embrace almost every aspect of human existence with sensitivity.

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