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Sun Square Uranus

At times, you can be counted amongst some of the world’s most infuriatingly contrary people! Whether you realize it or not, others often think of you as hot-cold, on-off, stop-start – anything, in other words, but constant. It’s as if something within you won’t allow you inner peace, or the ability to be reflective long enough to build a permanent foundation. However, all this apparent disruption can be turned to real purpose and, as much as you chop and change, you do actually have a correspondingly proportionate power for creativity. The trouble is, you seem to have a dislike for routine and procedure, usually because you can always think of a more original method or approach; or more simply because you’re being downright rebellious!

When it comes to social organizations and groups you would make a good leader, especially groups that espouse human brotherhood. However, you can make vehement enemies if your antagonism is aroused enough through some real or imagined injustice. These tendencies only manifest occasionally but they do tend to crop up at critical times in your life. This aspect tends to make you live your life at a very high tempo. It is hard for you to calm down and almost impossible to stagnate; it is as if you have a deep rooted hatred of any form of restraint. The area of your life where this can cause the most problems would be in your persona  relationships. Your ideal kind of partner would be somebody who is as independent, and as original in their ideas and attitudes as you are.

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