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Sun trine/sextile Uranus

You have a knack for attracting people who are recognizably different, even eccentric. It’s as if you deliberately – if unconsciously – seek out those who possess these qualities, for they fascinate you. In fact, the more unconventional they are, the more attraction they have for you. Perhaps part of this attraction is motivated by you yourself having a tendency to deny these same unconventionalisms in yourself. Therefore, because everything needs an outlet, your own eccentric or rebellious behaviour finds a healthy release by living through that of others. Because of your need to maintain your independence, you have an aversion to being told what to do. You like to do things your way. This can appear as rebelliousness to many. However, what many fail to recognise is that you actually support this type of independence in others too… We are all free
to live our lives as we please… Many of your attitudes serve
to remind people of this; consider yourself as a living advertisment
for personal freedom…

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