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Sun square Neptune

You seem to be perpetually battling with what you want to achieve in life and what actually comes to pass. Sometimes it appears that everything you attempt comes apart in your hands – the reverse of the Midas touch – leaving you overwhelmed by feelings of defeat and failure. But, chin up! The problem – if that’s the appropriate word – is not with you, rather with the relationship between you and the project in hand. The question to ask of yourself is: ‘could I better apply my talents to something I more fully understand and let someone else take the rap for this one?’ Call it the art of looking before you leap.

You have a tendency to delude yourself at times. Your imagination can rule your rational thinking processes to the point where you do not know what is real and what is not. Sometimes your imagination can cause you to fear things that in reality are of no threat whatsoever. Your imagination can also give a great boost to your self-confidence by taking you think that you are greater or better at something than you actually are. When taken to the extreme you can experience what could only be described as a mild form of manic depression. Your lesson in life is to keep your imagination in check and to learn which areas it can be applied to in it’s most creative and positive expression.

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