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Sun Opposition Pluto

The world at large – its institutions, its schools of thought, its social fabrics – fascinate and, at times, overwhelm you. You feel you must be part of it all, and actively pursue a life which will maximize your involvement in the field of external events. But, at other times, it becomes all too much for you and it’s then that you start turning into yourself. You then run the danger of letting your apprehension about the big bad world develop into a severe case of ‘us and them’. That is, paranoia sits on your shoulder like a raven. Well, a raven has wings: better to fly than peck at the grit on the ground! You need to exercise great care in your choice of partners as you have a tendency to choose a partner who would act possessively and be dominating. This aspect is related to your past life where you developed an almost tyrannical attitude to those that you formed relationships with. This aspect usually signifies a karmic relationship with your father.

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