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Sun square Pluto

You often feel preoccupied with the powers that be, whether those powers are the government, the police, or the local rat-catcher. What matters to you is that, by virtue of their position, these powers have authority, and it’s the very concept of institutionalized authority which seems to intimidate you so. Of course, such intimidation is not necessarily a negative thing at all. It may compel you to get out there and “tell it like it is”. To quote a well worn phrase. In other words, the way you relate to your personal paranoia’s can be extremely helpful to others who have similar reactions, for you can place yourself as a buffer between aggressor and victim.

You tend\ to swing between all out openness and truth, or you shut yourself in behind your own personal psychological wall. Whether you are in or out at any one time is often down to your mood at the time. One thing’s for sure you tend to always keep one eye open and one ear cocked. Look at it as a kind of healthy paranoia…

You don’t miss much when it comes to issues of control, strategy and under-handedness.

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