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Sun trine/sextile moon

You don’t have any problem with emotions and feelings. You find it easy to express yourself, either directly to the person that matters or more generally through a creative outlet. However, you could find that such efficacy sometimes makes you feel the need for a reassuring jolt from the ‘real world’ in order to escape a feeling of blandness. You’re not bland, of course, it’s just that you glide through life’s emotional crises and others mistakenly think you’re bland!

Your creative powers combine well with your ability to put form and structure to things, making you very ingenious at times. The resonance of these two very powerful energies lead to creative thinking which you can bring to bear on difficult circumstances; you tackle problems with great determination and a strong desire to resolve them.

You feel quickly at home wherever you are, though you may become lazy and inattentive, and often ignorant to the real extent of problems. You find problems easy to live with. This could cause problems to be over-looked and allowed to grow, instead of being nipped in the bud. Overall you have a good balance between being and feeling.

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