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Sun square Moon

Your frequently fluctuating moods can often make others feel that being in your presence is like walking on soft-boiled eggs. Your feelings are like finely tuned antennae picking up the slightest nuance and suggestion, and this can make you moody. Nevertheless, you’re far too aware to allow moodiness to tyrannize your relationships – but you sure as hell are one emotional person!

The person you are on the emotional level can differ to the personality you portray to the outside world. The positive side of this is that you have a double sided view of all situations, seeing both how things appear, and what makes them function.

In close personal relationships you need to spend more time unwinding and relaxing, so that you can relate to your partner on a more deeper emotional level. You tend to spend too much time in the hustle bustle of physical life and may miss out on the beneficial effects of deep emotional contact.

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