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Sun Opposition Moon

You were born within one or two days of the full moon…There’s often much tension between how you think you feel and how you really feel. How you think you feel is the way you go through life – this is your conscious mind. How you really feel is your emotional condition – your unconscious mind. Tension is caused by trying to fuse the two levels of mind together – it’s not always easy but you know it can be done!

You may often suffer from a nagging sense of discomfort feeling at times, like two individuals rolled into one! If this becomes too extreme, then others do not know what to expect of you, and you start to question yourself. The tense energy produced by this aspect will lead eventually to an inner search where you will finally find the answer to that ever nagging question “who am I”?

As a child, you may have found it hard to feel close to both parents at the same time, only ever being in favour with one at any one time. When looked at in retrospect, are the two differing sides of you a reflection of your parent’s different characteristics?

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