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Sun conjuct Moon

At times you feel that your inner life is pretty much a mystery to you. Then it must seem like you’re running
around in a blackout and can’t get through to your emotional centre. You know where the centre is – it’s just a matter of bringing your feelings from their hiding place to the front of your mind where they can get your maximum attention.

You were born on the day of a new Moon. This conjunction unites both your masculine and feminine sides.
Sometimes this can cause strained relationships, because you often do not know which ought to have the upper hand. Your active male nature or your passive female nature. Both sides are inseparably bound together.

When the Sun, the planet of self awareness, combines with the Moon, the planet of instinct and unconscious reaction, there is often great immediacy and a strong urge for action. Whatever is done, is done wholeheartedly.

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