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Saturn in Aries

It is very important that you feel there is a place for you in this world, that you personally lend your own contribution to the structure of society as we know it. Without this, you would feel redundant, as if you were not a part of any greater design, but assigned instead to a fate of insignificance. Therefore, you are very busy about involving yourself in projects, and are not likely to remain idle for any length of time. Indeed, you are constantly active, as to be the opposite would imply that you are not personally important any more. The whole point, as
you see it, is that as there seems to be some kind of inspired structure to the world at large, that same structure must exist within you: therefore you as an individual must reflect the world, and it you. It’s the old “macrocosm-microcosm” argument – you are the universe in miniature. What could be more simple!

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