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Saturn in Cancer

In many ways you live through your ancestors – or is that they live through you? Whichever way round it is, there is an especial relationship between yourself and the past, particularly those elements which have a bearing on your own religious or racial complexion. This in turn makes you bound to your family and, in many ways, it is they who form the centre around which your life pivots. You don’t like to see too many changes in this sphere: departures and marriagesupset you. On the other hand, you’re thrilled by births, for they further extend all that’s familiar and meaningful to you. You are, indeed, a fully paid up member of the clan!

When it comes to emotions you have two attitudes, these stem from two fears; a fear of not being able to express the way you feel and the fear of being completely overwhelmed by emotion to the point where you may not be in control of your actions. As they say in Buddhism, the answer lies in the middle way, by taking the path that is central from both of the two extremes.

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