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Saturn in Leo

You have a fear of not being recognized for being the person you are. This can make you flaunt your differences so that others get the message straight away – or at least the message you’d like them to get! Individuality is very important to you, not only your own, but others’ also. You like to surround yourself with those who stand out from the crowd, either in terms of personal achievement, or just in their appearance. Personal achievement, in fact, is something for which you hold a lot of admiration, for you see it as a sign that those concerned have extricated themselves from the common mould – that they have in some sense given birth to themselves. This can have a negative effect, also, for it can cause you to overlook what is sometimes only surface deep: there are many who only look the part, and are certainly not all they seem.

Saturn is the difficult planet in astrology, it represents our fears and our wisdom. The wisdom comes from the enforcement of dealing with the fears. The sign it is in shows the theme of the fear and where ultimately the wisdom will show. Leo is the sign ruled by the Sun. It represents the creative spirit of man. Through creative expression comes recognition – basking in the light of the Sun – The Sun shines out through what you creatively express. Too much recognition and you’ll wish you’d kept in the background; too little and you’ll feel like you’ve nothing to offer the world or that no-one gives you the recognition you deserve. This principle works in various and subtle ways;
only you can work it out.

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