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Sun In Aries

Sun In Aries

You have a strong sense of your own individuality: the idea of living a life of obscurity doesn’t appeal to you at all. Your self-assertiveness is both your friend and your enemy. It’s your friend when you’re the only one with the nerve to speak out against injustice, your enemy when, you open your big mouth and suddenly find your foot there!

You always seem to learn the hard way. One thing you must become aware of is that assertiveness and aggression are expressions of the same energy. Aggression is the most basic and negative form whereas assertiveness is a developed and more controlled version and thus will bring better results in your life. They are both human expressions of the energy of Mars, the planetary ruler of Aries.

Socially, you are antisocial. If your partner wants to meet you at eight, you’ll turn up at ten. If they then show they’re hurt, you get angry. Then they get angry. So you storm out! They phone you later to apologize, because they know they’ll never hear it from you, and on it goes. From your point of view you didn’t do anything wrong. But is it right to live in your own time zone?

To a great extent, you live in your own head: “your thoughts” are your main concerns; you can be oblivious to your environment and people around you. This can make you appear insensitive but to you it’s what you’re thinking that matters. It can also mean that you are an idealist, for it implies that you set your own standards and live by them, despite the opinions of others.

At work you’re a bundle of energy; you sweep the office with verve and panache with your unflagging ability to do twice as much as anyone else in less than half the time. Your colleagues love you because you save them an enormous amount of effort; your boss hates you because he goes home thinking it’s only a matter of time before you railroad him out of his job!

Like your zodiac symbol the ram, your attitude to life is often to run at it head first. This is a natural impulse inherent in all Arians but makes you susceptible to headaches. This is nature’s way of telling you that your running too fast! A more balanced approach to your life would save on the paracetemol!

You are one of life’s initiators. Knowing what needs to be done next in a given situation, you’re usually the first to act – though not always the first to finish. You can think on your toes and carry a schedule around in your head of what you are going to do next. Sometimes you impose this onto other people with your ‘no time like the present’ attitude, and sometimes you irritate them with it. Not everyone approaches life with the same enthusiasm as you, but then few people can keep up when the going gets tough.

Relaxation is important to those ruled by Mars. You need time to balance your fiery energy with rest, though getting yourself to sit still long enough isn’t always easy.

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