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Saturn in Scorpio

Everybody needs to climb the ladder of success in some way or another, for the desire to make of one’s life something different and unique is a fairly strong motivation in most of us. There are a multitude of ways of going about this, but your chosen way is to follow your emotions and, whatever strikes that inner chord, becomes your life’s vocation. It doesn’t matter how deviant or unconventional that vocation might be; what matters is that
it actually means something to you personally, that you are not following an abstract plan devised by someone else for other people. Once you’ve found this route you apply yourself with dedication and steadfastness. You can even verge on ruthlessness should you think others are threatening your future, and you will strike before others strike you, just to ensure that the way forward remains permanently clear. At times you can become quite obsessive about control and power and are always on the lookout for potential infringement of your own personal power. Nothing wrong with that providing your manipulative side is only used in a positive manner to help others or to ensure that your own life runs fairly and smoothly… However, there is always the risk of going over the top and imagining that the motives of other people are more sinister than they really are…

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