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Saturn in Sagittarius

You find it very difficult at times to tether yourself to a mooring when all you want is to float on the open sea – one of your cherished ideals is freedom. Freedom, however, should not be confused with irresponsibility; this is something you have to learn! (Well, we all have our little faults, don’t we?) If truth be known, you don’t always like facing up to the demands imposed by certain situations, and the people involved in them. This does not mean you’re superficial. On the contrary. It’s not your capacity, or willingness, to experience depth which is the question here: rather your willingness to choose responsibil ity over freedom. But, don’t you know, within responsibility there is freedom. Being responsible implies leadership, and this in turn suggests vision – at least the vision to guide those who are following. The vision of leadership therefore liberates you from a condition of dependency.

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