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Sun In Taurus

Sun In Taurus

You’re one of the most steadfast and loyal people around. You expect these qualities in your partner too – in fact, they wouldn’t be your partner if they didn’t possess them. In the home you’re a godsend, whipping up meals out of nothing and making sure the cheese plant’s always watered. Bliss for you is settling down to a night’s viewing of all your favourite shows on television, preceded by a sumptuous, candle-lit meal for just you and your partner.

However, you can also one of the most stubborn creatures alive! Being one of those people who always knows they’re right – because unfailing instinct tells you so -you’ll always stand your ground when challenged, with little regard for personal danger. The problem of course is whether you are being driven by your instinct or your stubbornness. Differentiating between the two is not always easy for they are both natural impulses to Taurians. By realising that stubbornness is a negative trait and instinct is a natural knowing, it is in your best interest to  ecognise your stubbornness whenever possible; it can only be replaced by a greater awareness of your true instinct.

Sensuality is strong in you. You must express your feelings physically by touching the things you love, and by surrounding yourself with people and objects which prompt in you an affectionate response. Money for you is a means for attaining beautiful things.

At work, you’re either the most industrious beaver the world has ever seen, or the laziest creature imaginable!  Your workplace is either completely spick and span, or a small disaster zone. There doesn’t appear to be any middle ground here. But, when you’re good, you’re really good: you keep time; fulfil quotas; save on expenses, turn chaotic problems into methodical and extremely functional ideas -and all this before breakfast!

You have a warm nature and are naturally pleasing to others, at times a little too pleasing. It’s easy to get stuck in friendly patterns where you keep the same approach to people every time you meet them. If your mood is not the same your persona should reflect it, not cover it up with a happy smile. Your love of tranquillity avoids rocky situations; sometimes you can do too much to keep the peace.

Taurus is an earth sign and in astrology the sun correlates to the vital life energies. Basically this means your vitality and general sense of well-being is held in balance by your contact with the earth; gardening, country walks, home grown and organic foods are all therapeutic for you.

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