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Jupiter in Gemini

You are attracted by people who have about them a strong suggestion of drama; that is, unusual or colourful people who have a tendency to overact, to ‘put on a show’. You yourself are very dramatic, often expressing your feelings with exaggerated expressive actions. Being an exceptionally open person, the last thing in the world you want is a sense of confinement, emotional or physical, and you will go out of your way to cultivate as free a lifestyle as possible. The unusual and exotic fascinate you; you often find it mentally and emotionally stimulating to be involved with unconventional people and situations, often being unconventional yourself. Indeed, you like to flout the rules for the sheer pleasure of doing so, becoming as gleeful as an imp when you discover that, once again, you’ve beaten the authorities at their own game.

You have many opinions on life and people… when the opportunity arises you are quite partial to handing them out freely…

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