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Jupiter in Cancer

You often react very enthusiastically towards subjects to do with the past. The history of anything frequently ignites your spirit of inquiry and stirs your imagination. Similarly, you show a positive response towards people generally, either individuals or ‘races’, who might represent a link with ancient days. The past is often equated by you with your idea of spirit, which often you see as more fittingly, and more purely, existing in a bygone age. Thus, those in whom you express an interest because of their ‘oldness’ are equally revered by you for their closer
proximity, as you see it, to the original spirit of things. On another level altogether, you have a good sense of shared enjoyment, and find the power of crowds exciting. Thus, you are well pleased when you find yourself involved in those occasions -from church gatherings to rock gigs – where everybody is uplifted by a feeling of joy.

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