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Jupiter in Sagittarius

Despite what others might think of you – that is, whether you’re a rogue or a saint – you nevertheless have a moral code to which you adhere no matter what. In other words, you will not deviate from your personal canon of law. This method of conduct has nothing to do with prudery; rather, it is your response to your private inner voice. Thus, you are still perfectly capable of moments of excess, as your enthusiasm is abundant and it catches fire easily. If someone offers you a drink, for instance, you’ll have ten; in a chorus of revellers, you’ll sing the loudest. You especially have a great enthusiasm for things which you consider bring joy to everyone, from religion to sport. The point here is that you have an inspired strain of optimism which permeates your overall outlook, and infects others with its uplifting nature. You mind, once fired with the spirit of the moment and fueled with enthusiasm knows no boundaries. This applies to both the world of action and thought. Your enthusiasm can flood a situation and raise the energy levels of those around you. You may wonder where it all comes from, when it’s not around you may wonder where it’s gone. If you followed the transits of the planets astrologically you notice how when a planet triggers off Jupiter in your chart the power comes on and the adventure of life kicks in.

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