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Mars in Taurus

You have this extraordinary ability to sleep through almost anything, be it a party or a crisis. Sometimes you might even fall asleep on your feet! Because others can find it difficult to rouse you, or to work you up to a pitch of excitement, they might think you lack passion, or a sense of conviction; this is of course far from the truth. More to the point is your self evident capacity for keeping these passions underground, as it were, where they simmer and smoulder but never quite reach that critical point at which they just flare up and boil over. But, boil over they most certainly can and, when they do, anything and everything is swept along with the force of your eruptive outburst. When others complain of your slumbering passions, and of your seeming inability to take a decisive action, just remind them of Mount Vesuvius and of what it did to the town of Pompeii!

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