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Mars in Gemini

A sharp mind gives way to a sharp tongue, and both of these you have. Indeed, these you can use without due restraint, sometimes leaving others wondering why you should have been so cutting when perhaps the situation didn’t call for such an extreme response. Nevertheless, as soon as the skirmish has erupted, it’s over again
at least as far as you’re concerned. Hence, you quite happily continue to go through your rounds of confrontation and reconcil iation, for the former usually leave no lasting scar, and the latter normally heal all wounds – again, at least as far as you’re concerned. In other words, you do not necessarily mean to hurt, only to make a point. It’s really a question of force; in your case, a forceful mind. However, this is sometimes misdirected, or not disciplined enough, and therefore can wind up contributing in the wrong way to the wrong occasion. The lesson to be learnt is:
think before you act!

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