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Sun In Gemini

Sun In Gemini

You’re forever being accused of being two-sided or superficial. You’ve been hearing the same old thing for years now. What a bore! What this criticism really means is that others just can’t figure you out. It’s your versatility and adaptability that bugs them. People usually progress along predetermined paths and have great difficulty, in fact, in changing direction and incorporating new influences in their lives. You’re faster than that; others know this, and at times they don’t like it simply because they cannot relate to it.Your relationship to life generally is an intellectual one. You have a good mind and you use it. When it comes to making a judgment, you’re a good bet. This is largely because you possess that rare commodity – perception. This is the little voice inside that tells you when you’re right, and when you’re wrong, and, most importantly, when others are right and wrong. It becomes a case after a while of always being one step ahead of events.Socially, you’re a flexible creature, taking all kinds of life styles in your stride. Tolerance, and a liberal attitude towards what passes or not as acceptable, allow you to go further afield in your social adventures than perhaps others might care to experience. This, however, can also get you into trouble.
Imagination is one thing: downright fool-hardiness is quite another!

You have a great need to be partnered: more specifically, you have a great need to be twinned. Since childhood it’s been one of your preoccupations, this matter of twinship. A lot of your energies have been spent trying to solve the riddle of who belongs to whom, and how to find them. Happiness will not be yours until you can look in the mirror and see not only your reflection, but your soulmate’s.

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