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Mars in Virgo

You seem always to give, and be under, the impression that, in one way or another, you are having to make some kind of personal sacrifice in order to pander to the whim of others. Indeed, you have a very developed notion of martyrdom, you can be a bit too accomodating trying to please everyone at once, even to the point of doing their worrying for them! Surely selfless devotion to an idea or cause is a commendable virtue. However, as to whether you yourself actually have to suffer for the sake of others is a matter for debate if the truth be known, this belief may spring more from your imagination than from the realities of situations. Nevertheless, the fact is that others often do see you as a long-suffering hero or heroine in your life.

Virgo is a strange sign. It represents sevice and devotion to people and causes, also the criticism and analysis of people and situations. It is through analysis that you perceive the suffering of other people and the drive to do something about it is the nature of Mars. The balance you need to find relates to how much you help others and how much effort they actually put into relieving their own situation. If you have the reputation for ‘being there’ for people they can end up taking you for granted. This can infuriate you at times leaving you feeling used or unappreciated. If you do too much you can end up creating criticisms in your own mind for the very people you wish to help. The secret is to know your limits. The hard bit is learning to say no. If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts about those you help, you’re putting yourself out too much. By saying no more often you will only be helping people gladly.

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