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Mars in Scorpio

You have a passionate nature and, when you find someone whom you really feel for, you will fasten on to that person and not let go, by hook or by crook! You feel very intensely about people and things that touch you on an instinctive, or ‘gut’, level, remaining completely loyal to that feeling. At first, however, you might show caution and reserve, for you do not act rashly when it comes to making commitments but, once an attachment is made, the feeling sticks. In other words, you are very serious about things which concern your deeper feelings. Fools you do not suffer gladly and, though others’ more flippant behaviour might fascinate you, you are rarely so impressionable that you will abandon your principles and join them – despite the possibly strong wish to do so on your part! There are times however, when you find your self-imposed regime too strict, and you will lash out and go absolutely crazy for a while but, like all fundamentally serious people, you can keep all that silliness up only for just so long.

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