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Mars in Sagittarius

In a moment of crisis, you have the potential for emerging as a real hero of the hour. There always has to be someone around who’ll say the unmentionable or do the impossible, and that someone often is you. As the song says: ‘when the arrow is straight, and the point is slick, it can pierce through dust no matter how thick’. At other times, though, you can go to the opposite extreme, infuriating others with your inability to commit yourself either one way or the other when real resolution is called for, and generally coming on like the proverbial Slippery Sam! Nevertheless, this is a temperamental reaction on your part and tends to last only as long as it takes you to change your mind back again. In your case, the bottom line is that the passion is always there. Given the state of differing circumstances, the only question then remaining is: how are you going to use it?

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